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Business Registration in NORTH CYPRUS

Business Registration

We offer our best advice to check the availability of your desired trademark and register your catchy brands or trademarks in Cyprus. You can easily register your own trademarks ranges from clothing brands to foodstuff brands with our smart guidance.
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North Cyprus, having 36% of the total area of the island of Cyprus, has attracted the attention of investors from different parts of the world due to its easy immigration conditions and very low taxes compared to the Republic of Cyprus and other European countries.

Turkish lira is known as the common currency of this country, but buying and selling houses is done in British pounds, and dollars and euros are used along with these two currencies.

You do not need a visa to enter Cyprus as a tourist. To have more residence, it will be possible to buy a house or register a company or employment through student residence.

Yes, by buying a house, a couple with their children under 18 can get residence.

At the time of full settlement between the buyer and the seller, the house deed will be in the name of the buyer and is independent of nationality and political issues.

Certainly!!! LETOCO’s experts will be with you in all these stages and experienced lawyers will provide you with all the contracts and sales details.
The translated version of the contracts in Farsi will be provided to you so that you can buy your house with full knowledge of each clause of the contract.

To obtain a residence permit, it will be necessary to be accompanied by a person who is familiar with the procedures and knows the Turkish language, this service is provided by Sky Cyprus for free.

The variety of residential projects with different sizes and high facilities will make every family a candidate for buying a house in Cyprus.

why not! In many projects, by paying 25-50% of the total price of the house, you will be able to pay the remaining amount in installments of 36 to 120 months. Bank interest will vary between 0 and 9% according to the type of project and the duration of the installments.

According to the type of project and facilities, between 5 and 15 percent house price growth is possible and there is a possibility of guaranteed rent in many projects.

By registering the company and choosing your favorite area for investment according to your budget, you will be able to obtain Cyprus residence and use its benefits.

From pharmacy to restaurant, from handicrafts to food, from building and buying a house, there are many choices in front of you.

The correct and targeted advice of Cyprus Sky will put you on the right path.

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Why LETOCO Is The Perfect Choice?
Before sale services
We are renowned for our hospitality and we treat our clients as our guests with respect and friendliness. Our group offers an extraordinary plan for our guests including easy transfer from the airport, free accommodation such as staying in a great hotel or a comfortable residential building block., free excursions to visit project sites and transfer back to the airport.
During sale services
Our consultants perform extensive research in order to help guide clients’ decision-making during every step of a project. We also focus on a transaction and our job is to ensure overall investment success for the client. We go through the terms of the contract and explain them thoroughly for our clients. In addition ,we try to get the best installment options to fit our clients conditions.
After sale services
  • Getting the buyers’ resident permit
  • Property registration
  • Opening a bank account
  • newcomers to register their children at school or university
  • Assisting newcomers to buy a car or rent a place if their future home is under construction
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